All Inclusive in St. Lucia – what are the benefits

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In this post, I will be writing about our decision to go all inclusive in St. Lucia against our usual travel style and the benefits we saw in that. This post will focus mostly on the all-inclusive deal we got in St. James Morgan bay, but if you give a general search for the resorts here, you will find similar packages for most of them. Once again, we are just sharing our experience and we do not solicit any resort. The reason I am writing this post is because during my research it took me a lot of time to find the details about the all-inclusive deals. Finally, I had to contact the resort by email to get the details. So why not just write a post that describes all the perks and benefits in one place.

Usually, we do not prefer to go all-inclusive as it seriously limits our options to eat as we want. We like to indulge ourselves in local cuisines, visit local restaurants and diversify our food platter. We do not care very much about how good a restaurant looks as long as the food looks spicy and tasty. I must admit we are both foodies. Usually, we end up gaining at least a few pounds after each trip. So back to the topic, why did we decide to go all-inclusive this time? St. Lucia is a very small island nation and it’s a perfect holiday destination to spend some quality couple time, destress and unwind. There’re not many things to do here. The Pitons track and Soufriere tour can be done in 2 days. Take one more day for the Castries tour. The bottom line is you will be spending most of your time in the resort itself. There is a reason why the resorts are made so fantastic. Most of the good resorts are far flung from the city center and taxi rides are expensive. So when you are lying around the pool with an amazing cocktail in your hand, do you want to think love and romance or do you want to think about your next food hunt. This will pretty much sum up why going all-inclusive is a good option while you are here.

A drink in the pool bar; all inclusive in St. Lucia
Morning pool bar session 🙂

What’s the deal with all inclusive in St. Lucia

Generally, for most of our recently visited places, we saw that an all-inclusive deal meant clubbing together your accommodation with food and drinks (most of the time non-alcoholic). Usually, it is a bit cheaper than choosing to eat ala carte. But in St. Lucia, the all-inclusive deals are in a different dimension. In St. James, the deals not only included unlimited food and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), but also adventure activities like kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, surf boarding, snorkeling, banana boat rides, pool activities etc. Free sail lessons were included for beginners. Since the resort is on the Caribbean Sea side, it makes all the adventure activities very enjoyable even for the beginners. The Caribbean Sea is comparatively calm. We did not experience big scary waves and the wind was pretty mild. Off course, this will depend on the season too.

Free lessons in kayaking during all inclusive in St. Lucia
Our free sailing lesson. Wish we could catch some wind 🙂


The resort itself is a giant party that starts around 10 am in the morning and continues till late night. We were really amazed at the enthusiasm of the stuff here. There are 4-5 restaurants to choose from. Except one fine dine restaurant, rest all are accessible through the all-inclusive deal. For dinner, they require pre-booking. For lunch, you can just walk into a buffet. The buffets are amazing with a large selection of dishes. Surprisingly we found a touch of Indian flavors in the Caribbean dishes. Spicy and tingling. Every lunch, we were stuffed up to our necks. I would especially recommend the West Indian lamb curry to anyone looking for a mildly spicy curry dish. This is one of the most amazing lamb dishes we have had till now. It’s served piping hot in a small but heavy cast iron pot that gives it a vintage look. I wish I knew at that time that I was going to blog about all these. I would have definitely clicked a lot of pictures.

St. James Morgan Bay - All inclusive stay in St. Lucia
A glimpse of the lamb dish captured unknowingly 🙂 watch the Caribbean braids
Apart from lunch and dinner, we spent a lot of time in the island bars spread across the resort, especially the pool bar trying one cocktail after another. My favorite cocktail was the very colorful “Bob Marley” and off course the simple Caribbean rum punch. The resort organizes a beach barbeque on Wednesday night (if I remember correct) and it was an amazing gala dinner beneath the Caribbean sky, with lots of food and locals performing to Caribbean beats and fire dance.
Beach Barbecue night during all inclusive stay in St. Lucia
Beach barbecue night


On the adventure part, we did kayaking in the Caribbean Sea, both solo, and duet. Took lessons in sailing and sucked at it. We just could not catch the wind. We skipped snorkeling on this trip as we were not good swimmers than. We took this as a source of inspiration to learn swimming and be ready for our next trip. Thankfully I did my first snorkeling during our next trip. Stuti is still behind in the race.

kayaking in the Caribbean sea during our all inclusive stay in St. Lucia
Kayaking in the Caribbean sea. Guess who’s paddling 😉

Extras (paid)

We did two cruises during our stay. First one was a cruise to Soufriere, which is a must do activity if you want to experience the St. Lucian way of life. A minibus took us to a jetty from where we sailed to the southern part of the island. During this tour, we visited the world’s only drive-in volcano, the Sulphur springs, took a tour of the botanical garden (not our forte) and had lunch at a nice resort in the hills. After lunch, we set sail to a snorkeling spot. The second was a sunset cruise for couples, which was amazing too. They kept it calm and allowed us some quiet couple time until the sunset, after which it was a full on carnival on rum punch and Caribbean beats.

Cruise in the Caribbean sea St. Lucia
Cruising the Caribbean sea on a trampoline
For further details on the resort, you can refer to my trip advisor review here.
To sum it up, we really did enjoy our all-inclusive stay in St. James and won’t have a second thought doing it all over again. Time flies away when you are in the Caribbean and we found this as the best option to maximize fun at minimum stress – the Pirates way indeed!

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