Top 5 things to do in Singapore on a budget

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Top 5 things to do in Singapore on a budget

Being tagged as one of the most developed and expensive city-state in South East Asia, it is really a herculean task to sort out the top 5 things to do in Singapore on a budget. Follow the pirates, defy the norms and save some bucks as you explore the heart of Singapore.

Siloso Beach Party – The Ultimate New Year Revelry in Singapore

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Siloso Beach Party

After celebrating two consecutive New Year’s Eve at an oil rig, I decided my 3rd one’s going to be freaking awesome. That’s when I found Siloso Beach Party sparkling like a diamond in a heap of stone. A marathon 12 hours dusk to dawn revelry at Sentosa Island, Singapore, you cannot image a better way to party like an animal. If you are looking for a vibrant New Year bash on a budget, Siloso Beach Party could just be the option you are looking for.

Beijing Acrobatic Show – Top reasons why you should not miss it!

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Beijing Acrobatic Show

The Beijing Acrobatic show is a myriad display of superhuman skills, extraordinary balance, and flexibility. An inspirational display of the limitless potential of the human body. A standing example of how you can achieve the unimaginable purely based on focus, practice, perseverance, and dedication. A must watch while in Beijing

Exploring Wangfujing Food Street- Chronicles of our craziest food adventure

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Exploring Wangfujing Food Street

Flaunting food menus that read Spiders and Snakes instead of Hakka noodles and Schezwan Chicken, Wangfujing Food Street offers practically everything that you can imagine on the wilder side of a food adventure. From fried centipedes and spiders to scorpions and seahorses dancing on barbecue skewers exploring Wangfujing Food Street is a quintessential part to experience Beijing in its entirety.

Renting a Bike in Phuket – How not to get “Banged up Abroad”

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Renting a bike in Phuket

Renting a bike in Phuket is cheap and the ride’s adventurous and fun. Unfortunately, there’s a completely different side to it too, a bit scarier and with the potential to ruin your entire holiday. Don’t end up as another episode of Banged up Abroad. Read the “5 things you should very seriously consider before renting a bike in Phuket”.