Traveling on an Indian Passport

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 Travelling the world has a very different perspective when you are from the Indian subcontinent. It has its own unique challenges and requires tens of hours of planning just for a simple trip. The biggest challenge is the visa itself. As an Indian citizen I just cannot pack my bags and fly away. I have to submit a mountain of proofs just to get a simple tourist visa for most of the countries and most important is the proof that I am employed full time with a decent bank balance. Traveling is a lifestyle in itself and it takes a lot to maintain it. All the blogs I follow says the same. Mostly people quit their regular jobs and go digital nomads. Even though I want the same but I don’t know if quitting my job would help me achieve my wanderlust. On the contrary I am sure that it would guarantee me real hard time in embassies with tons of extra questions, surefire visa denials not to mention the heartburns afterward. I have to scale this mountain for most of my travel itineraries but thankfully I summit every time. So if you ask me how then let me tell you the mantra in 3 easy words.
Its Planning, Planning and More Planning!!!! Easy huh… well not so when I started. Balancing an 8-8 job with my travel ambitions is one of my toughest challenge in my life right now. In a nutshell my current life is a tantalizing balance between my job and my dreams. I need one to pursue the other. So as long as I am planning and travelling why not just write a blog about all my experiences and share it with the world. Maybe in a minuscule scale I will end up helping a fellow traveler still wondering how to do it right!