I am a working professional, in the oil industry with a pretty hectic work life. At the same time, I am an avid traveler too who cannot imagine a life without traveling new places, planning new adventures, executing gastronomical extravaganzas, blending with the local cultures and so much more. Better late than never, I have come to realize that the love of my life lies in Travelling. A white collar job gives you a very tiny window to travel. This is something which exasperates me. But at the same time, this is the only reason why my travel style becomes unique. In short, when you have less time, you have to improvise. You don’t travel the usual routes. Travel operators is a strict no for us. No offense but we hate the tied schedules and all the commotion associated with it. With time we have come to realize that there is always an alternate travel route and most of the times this is less publicized and more beautiful. Probably natures way of keeping secret treasures. Now who masters a treasure hunt better than a pirate. A pirate charts the unknown waters like a pro. He knows the best tips and tricks to deal with every challenge he faces. He is off the beaten track. He makes his own ways which are THE best & most importantly he finds treasures. Quite unknowingly we were doing the same for the last couple of years and one fine Sunday morning while sipping at my cup of tea, wisdom struck suddenly and I found my analogy. We try to see things the way a pirate would see, feel things from a pirate’s perspective. The best routes to a destination, the hidden treasures in an unknown/known location and the best possible planning to raid these treasures in minimum time and stress. Through our blog, we try to share these ideas with fellow travelers who dreams to travel this world while working full time. We firmly believe that we will find many fellow voyagers in this journey who shares the same ideology and would be truly grateful if this blog could help anyone in any possible way.

 Finally, if you ask me why don’t I just quit and travel full time, then it’s a different story altogether. The very first thing is, at this point, I don’t want to see traveling as my job. The way I feel it, jobs are always boring after few years. Another very important reason is the challenges of traveling with Indian passports when you do not have a full-time job. The 2nd one is a bigger challenge actually.

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