How to mix budget with luxury accommodation in St. Lucia

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Should I plan a budget or luxury accommodation in St. Lucia? Should I stay on the beach or hills? All-inclusive or not? Laid back or party? Vibrant of quiet? These are some of the very basic questions that come to mind when you plan a Caribbean vacation. It is very normal to have these questions since these are the two most important aspects that resonate with a Caribbean vacation. Now let’s add one more challenge to the list. Consider you’re a pirate like us with only a week in hand to explore this awesome island. Can you hunt the treasure?
The answer is YES! We spent an incredible week in St. Lucia mixing budget with luxury, on a beach as well as on the hills, 3 days of a vibrant party atmosphere followed by 3 days of laid back and quiet time nested in the clouds. In this post, we share the details of our itinerary we proudly call as the Pirates Itinerary that combines all the basic aspects of this beautiful island nation. I am sure that you will love it and do let us know if you plan something similar. We will be really happy to hear that.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a small, tropical, lush green Caribbean island nation, located midway in the eastern Caribbean chain of islands between Barbados and Martinique. The Atlantic Ocean runs along its east coast and the Caribbean Sea along its west. Packed with exotic beaches and amazing resorts, St. Lucia is a vacation paradise. Most of the tourist you’d meet here are either from US, Europe or nearby islands. For us, the very first challenge was to create a proper flight plan since we were visiting from Kuwait, almost half way around the globe. Even google maps show an estimated 22 hours of direct flight time from Kuwait to St. Lucia. If you are interested in the details of our flight plan, you can refer to my post on how to create the best flight plan to the Caribbean from Middle East or India.

Planning our accommodation in St. Lucia

We started planning for St. Lucia about 2 months ahead of our departure date. It was a period of extensive research, digging into every bit of detail we could manage from the internet. As usual Trip Advisor was our best friend and guide this time too. We posted a number of queries asking advice from the experts. As mentioned above we had the same questions at first. Whether to stay on a beach or in the hills. Stuti preferred the hills while I preferred the beach. Whether to choose a budget or luxury accommodation. As the pirates rule of thumb, we had to choose a resort with a good view at an affordable cost. Mind it, the costs can go super high for some resorts. We had to partially break our rule for one of the resorts as it would be a blasphemy to visit St. Lucia and not stay here. If you search google for the world’s coolest resorts this one pops up in so many of the search results. Apart from the google results, it’s more of the unique concept of this resort that we could not resist. Yes! We are talking about Ladera resort St. Lucia (I cannot help but mention this). Now, visiting a Caribbean island and not indulge in the island’s party atmosphere would be a big mistake, but at the same time, we wanted some couple time to ourselves. Quiet, peaceful and just us. Finally, all our research and planning bought rewards and we successfully designed our itinerary the exact way we wanted. We divided our 1-week stay into two halves. The first half was focused on budget stay, beach accommodation and experiencing the colorful Caribbean party vibe. We booked an all-inclusive beach resort in the northern part of the island. The second half was focused towards luxury and solitude. We booked a resort in the hills amidst the clouds, calm and serene, and just the two of us celebrating the incredible Caribbean view to glasses of bubblies.

Beach Accommodation in St. Lucia

Going ahead, for this post I will mention the name of our resorts as it is very difficult to go into the details of our planning without naming the resorts. However, we do not solicit any of them and whatever we write is purely based out of our experience. For our beach accommodation in St. Lucia, we booked St. James Morgan bay for an all-inclusive 3 nights stay. It is a vast resort, area wise and you can choose your desired zone to stay by referring to the resort map. We always prefer beach front accommodation and we got one exactly as we wanted. An all-inclusive stay not only includes food and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) but also includes a lot of adventure activities. We generally don’t prefer all-inclusive as it seriously limits our eating out options. Needless to say, we are both foodies. However, for St. Lucia, we discovered a lot of valid reasons to go all inclusive. If you want to know why then you can refer to my post on going all-inclusive in St. Lucia.
I must say, our beach accommodation in St. Lucia was really vibrant. It was like a never-ending carnival with an intensity and energy we never experienced before. From morning pool bar sessions to late night barbeque parties, we experienced the Caribbean vibe to the fullest.

St James Morgan Bay our 1st accommodation in St. Lucia
A birds eye view of our beach accomodation

In heaven’s abode

After spending 3 wonderful nights, we packed our bags to the quieter part of our itinerary. We booked Ladera resort for our 2nd part of accommodation in St. Lucia. It took us about two hours to travel from St. James to Ladera. We stopped on the way for some incredible views. The car had some Pitons for us stashed in the freezer, which added more beauty to the views.

View on the way to our accommodation in St. Lucia
A viewpoint on the way to Ladera
We were welcomed to Ladera with glasses of fresh juice and big smiles. Ladera, in one word, is paradise. Words are not enough to express the feeling you get when you first enter your room. Pictures don’t do justice to the incredible view that Ladera offers. Even after looking at the pictures during our research, we were awestruck when we saw the view for the first time. The rooms have a complete wall lacking and before you stands the majestic twin Pitons jutting out of the Caribbean Sea. We spent 3 amazing days here, amidst peace, tranquility, and nature, which will remain etched in our memory for a lifetime.
Ladera resort our 2nd accommodation in St. Lucia
Ladera from a vantage point
Ladera resort our 2nd accommodation in St. Lucia
Hanging by the swing in Ladera, St. Lucia
Just for your information, there is another resort nearby named Jade Mountain built on a similar concept. I have so much to say about Ladera that I will write a complete post on it later. I will also describe why we chose Ladera over Jade Mountain.
To sum it up there goes our 7-day Caribbean itinerary packed with all the aspects that you might want to consider before visiting this lush island. Do let us know your view through the comments section.

Ohhhh, before I forget, do watch our Caribbean travelogue video shot on a gopro (although not a pro 🙂 )

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