Meet the Pirates

Ahoy Mate!

I’m Chandan and I started this blog together with my first mate (my wife) Stuti. I’m a geologist by profession and currently working in the oil and gas industry posted in the middle east. As far as I can remember, the wicked “travel bug” bit me very early in my life, courtesy my dad who was a trotter himself. I still remember holding his finger and following him to so many places in India. I did not realize it back then (probably I was too young 🙂 ) but now as the grey cells mature, I am realizing with each passing day that, the ONE thing that keeps me going in this hyper-competitive word is “Travelling”.

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Meet the Pirates

Travelling boosts my creativity, gives me a sense of freedom. Every new trip adds a different perspective to how I see things in daily life. Traveling has helped me to prioritize the important things in life, distance myself from the rate race for the hierarchical ladder.
I might skip on opportunities to convince my boss for a promotion but never ever skip on an opportunity that sounds like vacation.
I love travel photography and vlogging. I have been making videos for a long time just out of passion. I could have done so much more had I known that I was going to start my own blog. Better late than never, right now I am working hard on taking every aspect of my traveling to the next level, especially creating travel videos. I hope this blog will inspire you to take traveling more seriously than ever

I’m Stuti, co-founder of PiratesTravelogue, our baby blog. I quit my job after marriage and currently enjoying the life of a housewife. Being a housewife is a full-time job in itself especially when it comes to managing the antics Chandan puts up in our daily life. I usually see myself as the bridge between Chandan’s traveling ambitions and the responsibilities of a married life. We agree and disagree all the time just like any other normal couple but when it comes to traveling we are on the same page, well… most of the time 🙂 . My responsibilities during a trip lies in choosing the best accommodations. Off late, I am discovering some skills in creating new ideas and stories for our vlogs. I love cityscapes and urban traveling while Chandan is more into nature and wildlife. So our travel itineraries are a mix of both styles.

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What does the Pirates say about each other

Stu says – Chandan is the dreamer who grabs any opportunity for a vacation like there’s no tomorrow. He is a passionate photographer, vlogger and puts his heart out to everything he does when it comes to travelling
Chandan says – Stu is the pillar that support my dreams and makes every travel story a memory for lifetime

If you dream to do it one day
…..Why not do it the the Pirates Way!!