Siloso Beach Party – The Ultimate New Year Revelry in Singapore

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Siloso Beach Party

The desire to explore Siloso Beach Party, Singapore was born out of my intense frustration at celebrating two consecutive New Year’s Eve at an oil rig. The party animal inside me was getting wild waiting to be unleashed as I frantically scoured the internet for a happening party destination. No way I was going to waste another New Year’s Eve covered in mud and filth working at an oil rig.

I was searching for an open air dusk to dawn bash on a budget. Google took my “where to party like an animal” question very personally and showered me with tons of result. The first filter on “open air” removed half of them. The second filter on “budget” removed half of the half leaving only a handful of destinations to choose from. In the meager remaining half, it was very easy to spot Siloso Beach Party, sparkling like a diamond in a heap of stone. Coincidentally I have a cousin working in Singapore and there was no stopping after all the positive reviews from him.

The Siloso Beach Party is a marathon 12 hours dusk to dawn insane revelry featuring international and local DJs firing groovy electronic tracks to wire up the 15000 odd wild crowd, spectacular fireworks, Singapore’s only beach countdown at the stroke of midnight and my favorite part – the Foam pool party.

Siloso Beach Party
Glimpses of the marathon carnival. Source: Google Images

Don’t miss the safety tips at the end of this post 🙂

The Plan

This was Dec 23rd. I had exactly one week to sort out my visa. Due to overburdening office work as if the world was going to end before 31st December, I had to outsource my visa process to a travel agent.

Getting a Singapore visa on an Indian passport is fairly easy with the right documents. However, because of the New Year rush it might take some time. I learned my lesson while receiving the visa at the departure terminal of CSI Airport Mumbai, 5 hours prior to my departure. I almost lost hope that the agent would never show up. But he did, hiding behind a helmet, huffing, and puffing as he ran towards me with a white envelope in his hand. Whew, what a relief. Flights to Singapore are fairly cheap too. I got a last minute deal on Qantas.

Landed at Changi airport around 2 pm and took the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) aka Metro to the city. I booked a youth hostel in Little India, which is surprisingly a small Indian town at the heart of Singapore city.

Little India Singapore
The colorful streets of Little India
I spent the first evening with my cousin roaming around the city streets. The next morning we took a city tour about which I will be writing another post soon. By late afternoon we arrived at VivoCity shopping mall. Located in the Harbour precinct of Bukit Merah, VivoCity is the largest shopping mall in Singapore. An ideal place for the shopaholics. But stags don’t shop 😉 . We were there to enjoy the last sunset of the year against a stunning harbor view from the waterfront promenade.
Sunset at VivoCity waterfront promdenade
Last sunset of the year at VivoCity waterfront promenade

How to get to Sentosa Island

This once a year epic revelry is held at the Siloso beach on Sentosa Island. There’re several means of transport to get to Sentosa Island from the city. The best place to start is the VivoCity shopping mall which also houses the Harbourfront MRT station. If you are in the city, the best way to get to VivoCity is to take the MRT (North East line or Central line).

Nowadays you can walk to Sentosa Island via the Sentosa Boardwalk from the waterfront promenade at VivoCity shopping mall. But as per countless traveler reviews, the best way to get to Sentosa Island is the cable car ride. Presenting a stunning vista of the Singapore skyline the cable car ride is a popular mode of transport. To get to the cable car station, from the Harbourfront MRT take exit B and follow direction signs to Singapore Cable car station at Harbourfront Tower II.

The third option is to take the Sentosa Express monorail service, which we did. The monorail service operates every 10 minutes from the 3rd level of VivoCity shopping mall to Sentosa Island. Just make sure to reach early with ample time in hand. After an early evening dinner at the mall food outlet, we lined up for the monorail tickets. There was a mad rush to get to the island and the queue was quite long. After about an hour in the queue, we finally set sail to our destination which is just a 15 minutes ride.

Sentosa Express Monorail Service to Sentosa Island
Sentosa Express Monorail Service to Sentosa Island

How to get the Passes for Siloso Beach Party

You can purchase the entry tickets to Siloso Beach Party online from their official website which is just a 5-minute process. Pretty quick and easy. There’s a VIP pass and a standard pass. You can choose one based on your requirements and budget. On site, you will get a wristband against the pass that has to be worn throughout the duration of your stay at Siloso Beach Party.

Our experience at the Siloso Beach Party

There was another massive queue for entry at the main entrance. We collected our wristbands and lined up. At this point, we came to know that bags were not allowed inside. We had two small backpacks and had to buy a locker from the front desk to stash them in before entering the venue. The queue takes a long time to clear because of safety checks at the entrance. No outside booze is allowed inside the venue and you will have to empty your pockets in case you decide to sneak something in 🙂 .

After spending about an hour in the queue we finally made it inside. The ambiance inside was electric right from the entrance. We could hear the booming electronic beats coming from the beach. We started off by writing down our customary New Year resolutions on the “Resolution Wall“.

Resolution Wall at Siloso Beach Party
the Resolution Wall

The beats got louder as we approached the beach and I could already feel myself tapping the sand. The beach was brimming with partygoers cheering and dancing to the nonstop music in their vibrant attires with paper cups full of colorful drinks, mostly beer 😉 . A few were drenched in neon paint glowing in the dark. The whole goddamn place was pulsating with the bustling energy of a frenzied crowd. A lot of street performers also entertained the crowd with their antics. A couple performed fire dance while a demon grabbed me from above.

Angels and Demons at Siloso Beach Party
Angels and Demons at Siloso Beach Party

After a quick reconnaissance of the entire venue, we invaded the bar for some much-needed fuel to unleash the beast. One two three four and we lost count at some point. But the music kept us sane all the way.

The Beach Bars at Siloso Beach Party
the beach bars

Lost in the insane beats we made our way to the foam pool. This was the most amazing spot for me in the whole party. Sneaking past the crowd we cleared a corner for us just so that we avoid elbows and knees from the already drunk and mad crowd. Not that an elbow would have mattered to me until the next day, though.

Foam Pool at Siloso Beach Party
the Foam Pool – my favorite spot (source: google images)
Immersed chest deep in foam, feeling the bubbles cracking against the skin, the music sounded even sweeter. Every time the foam level dropped, boom the foam cannon fired to refill the pool again.
the foam pool at siloso beach party
Unleashing the beast at my favorite spot 😉

If you decide to quit the foam pool midway there’re few small pool bars scattered on the beach waiting for you to jump in. Singapore has a tropical weather and even December is hot and humid. The swimming pools are definitely a much-needed respite from the heat. We took a break from the foam pool and jumped in a nearby pool bar for some rest and to recharge for the final countdown due in 60 minutes.

the pool bars at Siloso Beach Party
Beat the heat in a pool bar- forgive the pathetic camera phone resolution

After about half an hour outside resting and munching on snacks, we made our way back to the foam pool and hanged on to our spot until the epic final countdown followed by a spectacular firework display to welcome the New Year.

Fireworks at Siloso Beach Party
Spectacular fireworks at the stroke of midnight

But the party’s not over yet. We had 6 more hours of unrestrained fun, music, and booze left. Although I honestly don’t remember much of the events after midnight. Found myself on the beach at dawn break completely covered in sand as my cousin kicked my ass to wake me up.

After an early morning dip in a nearby pool filled more with sand than water I started counting the bruises. There were lot many to count. Pretty sure I hit the sand real hard before drifting to sleep. But the bruises didn’t matter compared to the insane fun we had at Siloso Beach Party. What an amazing place to spend the New Year Eve. This was the revelry I was looking for.
On your face – oil rigs 😉

Safety at Siloso Beach Party

Ladies be careful at the foam pool. There had been some reported incidents of groping and molestations here. Perverts are everywhere so just find yourself a safe corner and don’t jump in the middle of a crowd without someone to company. The foam can be an ideal refuge for stalkers.

We saw a fight break between two groups of self-proclaimed heroes. Security was very quick to respond and the heroes even quicker in disappearing with tail between their legs. We maintained our distance from large groups and everything went fine.

Things might save your day

Don’t carry large bags or backpacks to the venue. Bags are not allowed inside and you’ll have to deposit them outside in the provided locker room. The lockers are standard gym size lockers ideal for stashing in a small backpack.

It’s water and foam everywhere, so protect your camera gear. Better don’t carry any expensive camera at all to avoid any loss. A GoPro with a waterproof housing or anything similar would be the best bet here.

The monorail operation stops at 1.00am on 1st January and only resume from 6.30 am onwards. We took the 7.30 am Sentosa express from Siloso beach party to the city. So missing the midnight metro gives you the only chance to spend a night underneath the stars in Singapore on a cozy sandy mattress with the starry night sky as your blanket. In case this is too much for you, make sure to get the monorail to the city before 1.00 am.

If you are a party animal looking for a vibrant New Year bash on a budget, Siloso Beach Party could just be the option you are looking for.

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